SHOUT-HRR – Daily Status Update 27July 2016

Congratulations to Pete Black. Today was his 50th Anniversary supporting Airborne Science flights which started this day in 1966 on a NOAA DC-6! (D.Fratello)

Overview: Range Flight Complete

GH Key Schedule Highlights:

– This afternoon: Instrument Post-flight


– Range Flight

– Four Sonde launches

Issues / Watch Items:

– Inmarsat – to be checked outdoors tomorrow

Upcoming Schedule:

This afternoon

o 1330: Aircraft and Instrument post-flight

– Tomorrow:

o Fuel aircraft and Inmarsat testing

o No Instrument access planned (contact D.Fratello is access is required).

Friday: Down Day for GH Crew

o PI’s: Please contact Dave Fratello if you need any instrument support at AFRC Friday-Sun
o There is no aircraft access Friday-Saturday. Sunday is TBD (possible Monday Flight).


– Possible Science Mission #1 on Monday to Pacific (NOAA Science decision tomorrow)

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