9 October, 2016 22:58

NASA Global Hawk Conducts Second 24 Hour UAS Mission Over Hurricane Matthew

NASA Global Hawk Conducts Second 24 Hour UAS Mission Over Hurricane Matthew

NOAA SHOUT 2016 Science Flight #8 conducts multi-aircraft mission above and around Hurricane Matthew.

Within 23 hours of flying its first Hurricane Matthew mission, the SHOUT Team launched NASA’s Global Hawk at 1924 PT October 6th for the eighth science flight of the SHOUT 2016 campaign towards Hurricane Matthew. The flight tracks are being closely coordinated with the manned aircraft events and the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The crew dropped several dozen sondes and conduct numerous passes over the eye of Hurricane Matthew. The scientific data is being delivered in real-time to the National Hurricane Center in Florida, the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), and numerous modeling centers around the world for use in forecast and model development.

The dropsonde data is going into the Global Telecommunication System which delivers it to NHC with that the data currently being used by the NCEP HWRF, the ECMWF, and the UKMet Models. After landing back at NASA Armstrong, CA at 1905 PT October 7th, the Global Hawk will be quickly turned-around and takeoff at 1900 PT October 8th back to Matthew.

Social media was also following the SHOUT event at several sites including:








John "JC" Coffey

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