The NOAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program has designed a project focused on sensing high impact weather-related hazards called “Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology (SHOUT)” website.

The project to sense high impact weather hazards will

  • Partner with NASA to conduct missions for operational prototype data collection
  • Be utilized for both observing and predicting high impact oceanic weather
  • Determine the utility of UAS data in prediction of dangerous storms that can affect the United States
  • Quantify the influence of UAS environmental data to high impact weather prediction
  • Determine best observing strategies
  • Assess the operational effectiveness of UAS to mitigate the satellite data gap
  • Begin with a targeted observing effort using NASA Global Hawk platforms and payloads
  • As the project matures, consider other viable unmanned observing technologies may be incorporated into the observing strategies as operational prototypes

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