SHOUT-HRR – Daily Status Update 26 July 2016

Picture: Engineer Vijay Venkatesh, NASA GSFC, completes preflight of the HIWRAP Instrument. (D.Fratello)

Overview: CST Complete, Range Flight tomorrow

GH Key Schedule Highlights:

– Wednesday: Range Flight


– Instrument/Aircraft Pre-flight

– Sonde loading

– T-0 Briefing

Issues / Watch Items:

– None

Upcoming Schedule:


o 0530: T-0 Briefing

§ Location: B-4840, Rm-113A

§ Call-in No: 844-467-6272 (625968 #)

o 0600: Inst. PI’s and MS requested in GHOC

o 0615: Engine Start

o 0700: Takeoff for expected 5-hr Range flight (w/4-Sonde drops)

o 1300: Instrument Post-flight (proposed schedule)

Thursday: TBD (Inst. Post-flight if not finished after Range Flight)

– Friday: Down Day for Crew


– Possible Science Mission #1 on Monday (NOAA Science decision on Thursday)

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